"Thank you so much for your workshop to the Grade 5 students. We think it contained very powerful and and important messages for students. We loved how you took students ideas and answered their questions so thoughtfully. It was wonderful to have you at the York School

. - Karen McCallum-Ryan, The York School

"Angela is an incredible and dynamic facilitator and a joy to work with.  We asked Angela to lead a session on overcoming obstacles and understanding the steps to create institutional change for a large group at a Decolonizing Schools Workshop we hosted for teachers and students to work with Indigenous mentors.

During our planning conversations, she asked all the right questions, she was incredibly thoughtful and we appreciated that she was flexible when our schedule changed.  During her presentation, she had a rapt audience. Angela spoke with humility, candour and insight on her experiences as a change maker, and provided just the frameworks we needed.

Students came out of her session energized and we could hear them applying her lessons as they began to plan changes at their schools.

After we wrapped up our workshop, Angela continued to be a great resource.  We look forward to working with Angela again in future."

- Jasmine Wong - Facing History and Ourselves Canada

“We had the pleasure of having Angela Nardozi as a keynote speaker at our Indigenous Learning Series. Not only is she an engaging speaker, but she has a deep understanding and knowledge base in the area of Indigenous Studies. She is passionate, and opens the door to our collective past in a sensitive and compassionate manner. She guided our teachers through various aspects of our history such as Residential Schooling and The Sixties Scoop.

Angela is genuine and her time spent answering questions demonstrates her commitment to her work. She was a pleasure to work with and a true advocate. We are looking forward to our next meeting with her in the near future.”  

- Lisa DeFranco and Sandra Molyneaux, Toronto Catholic District School Board

"A guest to Turtle Island… that is how Dr. Angela Nardozi describes herself. It was evident right from the first moment that she entered our school, she is a genuine advocate of Indigenous rights with a sincere interest in creating a safe atmosphere to have potentially unfamiliar and uncomfortable conversations so that each of us could walk away with a deeper understanding. Her enthusiastic and inviting demeanor allowed all of the teachers to be a part of this ongoing dialogue, no matter what their level of personal comfort or knowledge about Indigenous issues were.

She helped us bridge gaps in our knowledge by sharing a wide variety of resources for our teachers to be used within our classrooms all the way from JK to Grade 6. Several provocations, such as a video by Wab Kinew, invited us to delve deeper into our own thoughts surrounding stereotypes about Indigenous peoples. The resources and the provocations made us reconsider what we are offering to our children within our classrooms now, as well as consider how we could improve.

What was also powerful was the fact that she got to know what our interests were through a pre-survey and tailored the workshop to our needs. She instantly made us feel comfortable to ask questions, no matter how big or small. Every question was answered with respect from where we were coming from and honoured our curiosity. The workshop was incredibly valuable!

Thank you, Angela!"

- the Junior School Staff of The Bishop Strachan School

"Angela Nardozi came to The Linden School to conduct a workshop with our teachers on Incorporating Indigenous Content in Classroom Teaching.  The presentation was powerful and remarkable in a number of ways.  Angela's workshop was tailored to be relevant to all of the teachers in our K–12 school.  She brought the sensitivity and understanding of someone who is not Indigenous herself but is closely connected to, informed about and respectful of Indigenous issues.  She addressed, in a truly supportive and compassionate way, the fears we have about “getting it wrong” that can inhibit the very important work we want to do with our young students.  The workshop was practical and celebratory, leaving us feeling both validated for the work we are already doing and excited about the next steps we can each take."

— Janice Gladstone, The Linden School

“I appreciated the way that Angela surveyed the faculty before arriving, to ensure that she understood our prior knowledge. This helped her address our specific questions, and create a workshop that, in the end, left me feeling inspired and ready to address important issues with our students.”

— Beth Alexander, The Linden School

“Angela brought a wealth of information on Indigenous issues and how to incorporate them into every grade level and subject. Her enthusiasm and passion was infectious and inspiring, and showcased her 'amplify and advocate' philosophy.”

— Deidre MacPherson, The Linden School