8th Fire/8e Feu

8th Fire/8e Feu - CBC

One of my favorite documentaries about contemporary Indigenous peoples in Canada and the relationship between Indigenous and Canadian peoples is 8th Fire which was first aired on the CBC in 2012. The first episode hits the ground running with an exploration of stereotypes of Indigenous peoples that have infiltrated Canadian society. I love how it weaves the stories of real people with historical events and current issues, all the while featuring Indigenous peoples from many different Nations and with many different professions and callings. 

Follow these links to  watch each forty-five minute episode:

  1. Indigenous in the City
  2. It's Time!
  3. Whose Land is it Anyway? 
  4. At the Crossroads

The CBC also created a separate website (in English and in French) with supporting educational material that you might find useful in your teaching such as more videos, a variety of historical and contemporary maps, and profiles of the artists, leaders, Elders, athletes, and change-makers featured in the documentary.