Resources for teaching about the Mi'kmaw Nation

If you are teaching about the east coast of what we now call Canada, you are most likely going to learn about the Mi'kmaw Nation with your students. I loved combing through these resources because they reminded me how distinct each Indigenous nation is from one another.  

Below you will find assorted resources containing information about Mi'kmaq histories, ways of knowing, and contemporary successes.  

Mi’kmawe’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk (Teaching About the Mi'kmaq) - A K to 9 curriculum, a separate document of supplementary material for educators, and a number of additional resources which highlight Mi'kmaq territory and language. All by Mi'kmaq educators! 

Finding their Roots - This is a beautifully composed photo documentary about the revitalization of Birch Bark canoe making recently released by the CBC. It features large historical and contemporary images, and clearly demonstrates why Indigenous people are often the first to witness and understand the impacts of climate change.

Four Directions Teachings (English/French) - The creators of this site are Indigenous, and have done careful work approaching traditional teachers in a respectful way. Along with the videos that share traditional teachings, you will find lesson plans for each grade that accompany the videos. Click on the Mi'kmaq icon on the far right of the screen to hear teachings from hereditary chief Stephen Augustine. Transcripts from the teachings and additional biographical information about Stephen is also available on the site.

The following are two contemporary news stories about how Mi'kmaq people have been able to dramatically improve education outcomes by creating their own curriculum. They are included because it is important to me to teach about the success that the Mi'kmaq are experiencing in shaping their own school system, and the ripple effects on the entire community. 

Native high school graduate rates continue to soar in Nova Scotia - An article from 2013 from the CBC which documents the amazing success educators have had in changing education outcomes for Mi'kmaq students. 

First Nations Schools are taking students back to the land - 2018 article from the Globe and Mail on the success of land-based teaching.